Jul. 6th, 2007

Welp, since my life is so craptacularly boring, I've decided to take things in a newish direction. Mainly the things I do during a typical day is sit on the computer, play video games, and eat. So I am going to review some stuff as far as the computer, video game and eating world go.

First up for review is a (by?)product called Turkey Bacon. I was initially drawn to it not by it's claims of being lower in fat, but it's other feature of being lower that regular pig bacon.

It's first benchmarking test was the BLT. I peeled open the package and peeled off the first strip.
The strip was amazing scalloped on one edge, with a series of funny little bumps running along it. A portrait of processed preformed meat, immediately causing great skepticism on it's flavor. However, that strip of bacon did peel off amazingly well. No problems with the bacon attempting to cling to it's partner as it is removed from the package, or splintering of the fat layers as it is peeled forth.

During the cooking process, there was not the same bacon-ey flavor to the air, but a smell of something almost chemical-ish, with a hint of smoke flavor. There were no difficulties during the cooking process, and when it was over, the skillet did not contain a thick layer of grease at the bottom.

As far as the BLT.. success! It was not that bad at all, and had I not know that it was turkey bacon, I may have actually been duped into believing it was simply very crispy bacon. Later I tried one of the left over, cold, bacon strips, and was surprised to find that unlike regular bacon, which when cooled becomes a soggy fat strip, the turkey bacon was just as crisp as ever, and biting into it resulting in the same audible crunch as a potato chip.

So, over all, I give Turkey Bacon a 4 out of 5, my one qualm with it is being a hideous processed preformed thing, although.. it does add slightly to it's charm.

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