Aug. 22nd, 2007

I got a hair cut.

It's short, seriously. Shorter than shoulder length. I'm not sure how to "felt" it yet, either. It happened last Friday. Yes, I did donate to Locks of Love. I've found that if I don't wear barrettes in it, it ends up in my eyes, making me feel like I'm a five year old again.

I'm suffering from a serious case of what I call "Phantom hair syndrome" ..similar to an amputee suffering from phantom limb syndrome. I keep trying to grab at my nonexistent ponytail, but it's not there.

I can't think of a reason why it happened.. besides the fact that sometimes it's good to force change upon yourself.

..and also, a few weeks ago I had a job interview at "Geek Squad" and as I was leaving they commented about the length of my hair. I think ultimately they never called me back because they were afraid my hair would get caught in a printer or something. I'm sort of glad I didn't get the job though, it wouldn't have been much fun.

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