Once I did knew, so I New Egg'd, now I'm not so sure...

Sep. 14th, 2007

Folks, remember how two months ago I said I was going to have to send my motherboard back to where I bought it because it's faulty? Well nothing has gone right with it. I guess when you purchase something with a one year warranty from Newegg and then Newegg decides to change the warranty (months after you've  purchased it), while at the same time has "system errors" that make your RMA page break, then well.. you could be stuck with a faulty motherboard if it were up to some of their techs. Maybe a bad egg in the batch?
Once I did knew, so I New Egg'd, now I'm not so sure...
When I originally bought my motherboard from Newegg in March, it had the standard return policy. That meant I had a whole year for it to flake out and I could still send it back to Newegg and get it replaced.

Shortly after that Felt Up post, I was looking at my RMA page (for those who don't know, RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization, and it's how you return stuff to places like Newegg), and sure enough..  all my 2007 invoices were sitting there, and ahh yes, my motherboard.. eligible for return! I started to fill out the RMA request but remembered that I had some important loose ends that needed tied up (the board is partly functional), so I logged out of Newegg and decided to wait a few days to fill out the RMA request.

A couple days later, I returned to my RMA page, only to find that all of my 2007 invoices were gone. All my orders from 2003-2006 were there, but my 2007 invoices were nowhere to be found. "Ah ha, I know, I'll just go through my history and get the URL for the RMA request for my motherboard!".. Trying this resulted in Newegg telling me I didn't have that item/invoice. I clicked on my order history, the 2007 invoices were there. Okay that's good, at least I could prove that I bought these items, now to get some "support".

I emailed support that all of my 2007 purchases are missing from my RMA page, and that I needed to return something from a specific invoice. They emailed me back telling me they would work on fixing the error, but:
.. in reviewing your account we see that the items [list items on the invoice] have been passed our warranty coverage. If the items are defective, please contact.. [manufacturers and a list of their websites and phone numbers] for further assistance.
The three items were a CPU, memory, and the motherboard. The CPU was no surprise as far as the expired warranty. However, when purchased, the memory and the motherboard were both the standard 1 year warranties.
Here's my invoice:

..and archive.org pages for the items around and after the date of purchase corroborate with my invoice. But the current Newegg page for both the motherboard and the memory have recently been changed to have a 30 day warranty. Well what does that matter to me? When I bought them, it was the standard warranty, I should be good, right? I emailed them back and told them I had a standard warranty on the motherboard and memory, their reply:
"We are sorry but our warranty period for some items has been updated. Please contact ..[manufacturers and a list of their websites and phone numbers] for RMA services."
Was there something in the terms of service I missed? Newegg can apparently change my warranty AFTER I buy something? I didn't think they could.. Oh, and as far as my motherboard's manufacturer, ASUS, according to their page they want me to contact the place I purchased the board from in order to get it replaced/repaired, meaning Newegg. I'm really unsure what to do. I'm wondering if there was some sort of miscommunication, or maybe I got stuck with a bad egg at Newegg tech support.

I emailed "support" again, asking if there was any clue as to when my RMA page would be fixed, she told me they were working on it and would email me when it was fixed. They never did.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this epic tale, currently in production, titled: "Yet Another Unbelievable Let Down from Newegg" or " ( a series of curse words ) "

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