The Newegg Saga, Part 2.

Sep. 17th, 2007

In the first part of this story, it seemed like Newegg was trying to screw me out of my warranty. Lucky for me, it was probably just a poorly trained tech who handled my support request.

I never did get an email about my RMA page being fixed from her, as she claimed I would, but I diligently checked it myself and after a few weeks my 2007 invoices reappeared. As I suspected my motherboard and memory were still eligible for RMA, as their warranties were still valid.

So, on August 30th, I finally sent my motherboard back to Newegg for replacement. Things were looking up for me. It was a little confusing when Newegg received my motherboard, they sent me two different invoices, one saying the replacement was being shipped through FedEx, the other saying UPS, but I didn't care, as long as I got it.

Last Friday it finally arrived, and I thought the whole mess was going to be over. I opened up the motherboard's box and started looking at the contents. It was clearly not a new motherboard, but I guess nowhere does it say that they were going to replace it with a new one. It wasn't the motherboard I'd sent back and they repaired, either, I could tell from the various contents and well.. I could just tell it wasn't the same board. "As long as it works" I thought to myself. I prepared my case for the motherboard, laid out the instruments that I'd need for the operation: screwdriver, thermal paste, ram, processor, fan. I was ready to go. So I dug through the motherboard box for the IO plate, the first step to installing the board into the case.

It wasn't there.

They'd sent me a motherboard with missing parts. I flipped through the crumpled and tattered manual to the parts list, and indeed IO plate was on the list.

The IO plate is the metal plate that you pop into your case and it goes around the various ports on your motherboard, so it is somewhat unique to each motherboard. Sure, a lot of motherboards have the exact same port locations, but I certainly don't have an IO plate laying around that would work.

Yes, it's something you can live with out, but mind you, I have three rabbits and a cat, and having a huge gaping hole in the back of my case is going to cause huge amounts of fuzz balls to crawl into the computer's innards, and no doubt mess up the general airflow of my case. This was very much a case of insult to injury, after the previous headache they'd caused me with the RMA page, and yeah, a lot of my anger was based on the principle of it. Sending me something missing parts, no matter how trivial the part is, is wrong.

They've dropped the 'egg' twice on me on this situation.
The Newegg Saga, Part 2.
First I tried calling Newegg. I was on hold for about 5 minutes and then I heard a click, assumed I'd been put through to support, but then realized that my call had some how gotten dropped. I was sort of glad, because I was quaking with anger at that point.

Then I went to the chat support. Sat on 'chat hold' but eventually got a tech, she said that she would contact the warehouse and see if they had an extra IO plate they could send me, and to expect an email from her. I asked if there was any chance that I'd have to send the whole motherboard back, she said no, so I asked if it would be alright for me to install the motherboard, and she said "For now, yes".

I got off the chat feeling a bit better about things and went back and stared at my empty computer case, thinking I would install the motherboard. In my past computer cases, there was a plate that you would mount the motherboard on and you could easily slide the entire plate in and out of the computer by only loosening a couple screws, but this case does not have that. This means, if and when they do send me an IO plate, I'll have to remove all the components, unscrew all the screws, then remove the motherboard, install the IO plate, and reinstall everything. There's no way of installing the IO plate with out uninstalling the motherboard.

So I didn't install the motherboard. Who knows if it even works and how old it really is, and what sort of reason it has for not being new (my guess: refurbished). I'm still waiting for an email back about the IO plate, and I'm stuck on this ultra-suck computer, making it hard to do very basic computer tasks.

Newegg: I used to love you, but you've done some really nasty things to me lately. I feel like I've lost a friend and don't think I can trust you anymore. Stop wasting money promoting things like sweepstakes (I've gotten a slew of emails lately about), and start investing in training your techs. Make sure they know the very basics of their jobs like how warranties work, and how to inventory the contents of a box. Needless to say, you've probably lost yourself a customer, but unlike the Newegg I used to know, who always prided itself on making their customers happy, I don't think you'll care about losing me. You've changed.

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