Newegg: The Final Chapter, Hurray!

Oct. 9th, 2007

After my email asking what was up, I got another automated email about a tracking number, this time for a new motherboard being sent in my direction, 2nd day air, no less.

The next day the motherboard arrived! The box contained all the parts, I installed it, and it works great. Sent the old motherboard back to Newegg with the shipping label they sent me (which means I didn't even have to pay for shipping). That night a Newegg representative sent me a very courteous email making sure everything was cool, and it was.

So, even though the whole thing took a really long time, things were finally resolved and my faith in Newegg has sort of been restored. I can put the whole thing in the past and move onto happier things, such as:
Newegg: The Final Chapter, Hurray!

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