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Nov. 13th, 2007

So we have some rum, and I got totally stoked because I started growing some mint plants this year, so all I needed was lime and club soda and I could finally see what a mojito was like.

After trying a variety of recipes I found online I was not at all impressed with them. I thought maybe it was my mint, for the drink did not seem that minty despite thorough muddling. So I went to the store and purchased some of those fresh herbs they have in the produce section.

It was still rather "meh".

On some online forums it says that you should really use Cuban mint to make a good mojito, but it's hard to find the variety here in the states.

And now to do some stereotyping, I shall portray Cuban-mint yelling at me for being a capitalist and smoking a cigar, while wearing a Castro-esque hat!
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I think the only way to find out where I'm going wrong is to go to some public location that serves drinks and get one from there. Sounds dangerous though. Think I'll just stay home and ponder.

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