Tumor Bunny

Dec. 15th, 2007

I had to watch my two and a half year old niece while my sister and brother in law went Christmas shopping for her. She seemed very entertained by the bunnies and my small collection of Simpsons books.

Later on, we got out some paper and she wanted me to draw some stuff for her, such as Triangle Man (a TMBG song that she loves) and rhombuses (her favorite shape). Then she wanted me to draw her a bunny, but after drawing the bunny she seemed distressed, as if I'd done something wrong. "TU-MO TU-MO!" she pleaded over and over. To me it seemed like she was saying the word 'tumor'. She does manage to get on the computer on her house quite a bit and click a few buttons, I thought maybe she had found her way to the webcomic Tumor Bunny.

So I drew a tumor on the bunny, which seemed to make her happy.

Tumor Bunny

When they came back from shopping I was told by the child's translator (my sister) that she was actually saying "two more".


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