Yay for poodles!

Sep. 23rd, 2010

My parents ended up adopting a second poodle after a play date with him showed how much better he (Roger) was at entertaining Daisy than we were.
It's surprising how much negative feedback one can receive about poodles. Sometimes it seems like folks would be more pleased to find out that I was hanging with some Pit Bulls or some other stereotypical tough dog.
Yay for poodles!
These are not the tiny dogs that people picture when you say 'poodle' though. They're huge! Luckily unlike the smug folks on the interweb, when they're taken out and pranced around there's hardly anyone who doesn't crack a grin from seeing them, or want to touch their fluffy hair.

Amazingly I've never had a Poodle poop while on a walk. I think it's a breed trait.

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