This is true.

Nov. 28th, 2010

Paranoid of being stinky, but not willing to fork out moolah for the tiny quantity of destenching materials packaged with way too much plastic surrounding them, which needs to be replaced all too frequently for my tastes, I've taken to rubbing a rock on my armpits to stop the stank from brewing.
This is true.
"It's the pet rock for people who are afraid they smell bad!" - quote stolen from IRC chat.
*winks at elissa*

Luckily it works. Potassium alum, amazing stuff, it kills the dreaded BEE OHHHHH microbes. I hear my anti-stink crystal should last years. My shirts are also happy they no longer have deodorant sludge caked in their crevices.

Also, I currently have a roof over my head, rejoice!

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